Assessment and management of corporate weather risks

Training, Consulting, Strategy, Reporting, Hedging products

Our Solutions

Weatherisus provides a full range of services to banks, asset managers, audit and consulting firms, and chartered accountants to meet the increasing needs of their clients in understanding and managing the financial consequences of climate variability.

Weatherisus’ solutions are used to analyze and understand how weather affects each company’s business and financial performance, to provide each company with key information for effective financial communication, to implement adaptation strategies to reduce earnings volatility, to improve competitiveness, and to strengthen supply chain coordination and resilience.

About us

Weatherisus is the partner of choice for banks and risk-takers in corporate weather risk advisory and weather risk management activities.

Weatherisus draws on more than 15 years of research, development of proprietary analysis methodologies and algorithms, applied and recognized experience in weather risk management, and strategic support from leading risk takers.

The team has more than 60 years of applied experience exclusively dedicated to weather risk analysis and modelling, and to the structuring and management of weather-indexed financial product portfolios.   

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